Sunday, February 27, 2011

goals, coming along

so this weekend, hubs and i decided to make a dent in our goals list.

1)     Buy TV stand  and TV wall mount
2)     But new shades for living room (Lowes)
3)     Organize living room closet
4)     Print, frame & hang pictures in bedroom
5)     Reorganize kitchen & cabinets
6)     Clean/organize basement
7)     New kitchen ceiling fan

8)     Get lens hood; Canon EW73B Lens Hood

9)     Get Zing SLR Action Cover
10) Start a pantry
11) Get shelving for basement
12) Buy and install fence
13) Get fisheye lens
14) Get macro lens
15) Start photography business

so we got a new kitchen ceiling fan. i didnt think to take before pictures, but just think 1970 ugly wooden ceiling fan. ug-ly. here is the new one

it is simple, but we dont need anything fancy. it is the kitchen after all. the wattage is a little bit less than we had before, but the whole package is much better looking than before. 

we also went to 3 different lowes on four different occasions in a 3 day span looking for a specific kind of shade, that we didnt end up getting. so we settled for a different kind, that was to our surprise, 50% off. score! it took don over an hour to get ONE blind hung. (and it is not even correct) not due to lack of skill or effort, of course. after much frustration, we decided to commence tomorrow. here is the progress thus far

we also bought shelving for the basement, but that will come another time, because we never got to putting it together. we are also working on building a tool bench as well, so hopefully in the next month or so or basement will be sorted out and a little more organized. 

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