Monday, March 7, 2011

&& again

yet again, making moves on the goals list. the final product of the shades. they look awesome. 

1)     Buy TV stand  and TV wall mount
2)     But new shades for living room (Lowes)
3)     Organize living room closet
4)     Print, frame & hang pictures in bedroom
5)     Reorganize kitchen & cabinets
6)     Clean/organize basement
7)     New kitchen ceiling fan

8)     Get lens hood; Canon EW73B Lens Hood

9)     Get Zing SLR Action Cover
10) Start a pantry
11) Get shelving for basement
12) Buy and install fence
13) Get fisheye lens
14) Get macro lens
15) Start photography business
16) Get alarm for house

so we got the allen & roth cordless shades from lowe's and we love them more than we thought. they are awesome. they really brighten the room and go up or down.  

we also got an alarm system, which is something we wanted for a long time, but everyone we prices out was too expensive. we ended up going with vector security. it is awesome. we got a MOTION detector! how cool is that!??

it stays in the corner of the living room and shoots down the entire hallway and spans out 35 feet. it is pretty sweet. we have had it since saturday and it is pretty simple. we feel much safer (even if it is in our heads). i am also proud to say that we have not (knock on wood) had an error so far in the 7-day grace period. 

so far so good. we are making quicker progress than i anticipated. i think i underestimated our goals for the year, but maybe we are more motivated in the first half anyway. 

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