Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goals list 2011; REVAMPED

kitchen idea courtesy of Flea Market Trixie

so, after seeing heather's aaaaamazing kitchen renovation, she inspired me to think 'bigger' for my goals this year. not only did she re-do her kitchen in a year, they built a deck! did you read that right, built a deck. now, ask me if my man can build me a deck. (sorry babe) he has NO contracting skills.

then i saw another great kitchen remodel that seemed like it would work for our kitchen. i love the nook area, i think that is something that would look great in our small 2x4 kitchen. 

anyway, where was i? right, bigger goals. so, without further adieu, the new and improved 2011 goals list (sorted by room):

TV Wall Mount
New baseboards & Molding (& Paint)
New Rug
Wall Décor
Demo & remove closet

New cabinets
Trash barrel
Tile backsplash
Table & chairs (built in?)
Stainless steel refrigerator

New baseboards & Molding (& Paint)
Organize closet (& keep clean!)


New baseboards & Molding (& Paint)
Organize closet for crafts
  1. Scrapbook racks
  2. Shelving
  3. Bins
  4. Ribbon holder
Buy Queen Futon 

Print, frame & hang pictures in bedroom
New baseboards & Molding (& Paint)

Start a pantry

Laundry sorter for basement; IKEA

Finish building tool bench
Organize tools
Clean basement; make sure everything is in a storage bins

Buy and install fence
Replant tree
New driveway
Patio furniture

Take Photoshop course

Get lens hood; 

Get Zing SLR Action Cover 
Create photography website & blog:
Get photography business up and running
Get Macro Lens; 
Get Fisheye Lens; 
Get props
Buy HP TouchSmart 600t series desktop

Put screens in every window
Buy silhouette SD

so, what do you think? i bet you think some of this is unattainable, right? well we are determined! we have a new level of motivation and are no longer 'underestimated.'

wish us luck, we need it ;p

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Flea Market Trixie said...

Wow you are gonna be busy, good luck, but I'm sure you don't need it :