Monday, March 14, 2011

new projects, coming soon!

on friday my mother texted me saying i would be receiving a package when i got home from work. i was so excited, i love presents. i came home to find this. i was excited and intimidated. i do not know how to sew! 

i set it up in our horribly messy spare bedroom/craft room and tried to figure out how to thread the bobbin and the top thread. i was successful, but i gave up for the night when i could not figure out how to bring the bottom thread up. 

i am very excited to learn how to sew and to be able to make more crafts. i already went to barnes & noble and bought a sewing book (that is far beyond my level of sewing).

there is a lot of really cool clothes, bags and different household things to sew in this book. the directions seem pretty easy to understand, so hopefully i will be tackling one of those projects soon after i learn how to sew. 

oh, and my wonderfully amazingly perfect boyfriend just ordered my birthday present. 

yes, a silhouette! so pumped. i have so many fun and exciting projects coming soon. stay tuned!


Auntie Sue said...

Stef - It might be worth it to look around for a beginning sewing class - something at a Joannes or the rec department. I'm sure you could teach yourself, but there's things you'd learn in class that would take you forever to pick up. Too bad we're not closer, I've been sewing up a storm the last few years.

stefanie.ann said...

i know, my mom is coming to visit me in may and said she will give me a full tutorial then. hopefully i can teach myself some things before then. xoxo