Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HELLLPP! silhouette 101


as many of you know, i got the silhouette for my birthday at the end of march. i just opened it this weekend because i didn't really have space to use it anywhere until now. i was so excited and eager to start labeling everything in our house with vinyl lettering. every blog i read and every tutorial i looked up said how EASY the silhouette is to operate. well, i disagree. i cannot figure it out. i don't know why it came with instructions about the size of directions to put an ikea lamp together. where is the MANUAL?!? what speed and thickness do i use for various projects?!? after many hours of playing around with it, and wasted vinyl i gave up for a bit.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! there is so much i want to do with it! thanks!


Krystal said...

Did you watch the videos? I think it came with the machine but there are videos that walk you through how to it works. They helped me a ton! If you can't find them with your software, try their website.

stefanie.ann said...

Thanks Krystal, I must have missed them! I will try tonight!