Thursday, May 5, 2011

life list

as you know from previous posts, i love LMM blog. i am following suit and making my very own LIFE LIST; or BUCKET list if you will. i must say, this was very hard. i got to #28 and got to a block, then again at #51 and again at #83. it really makes you think about your life and future and things you would really love to do and accomplish. some of them were no brainers, but others i really had to think about. i tried to be as realistic as possible, but some of them most likely will not happen (winning a HGTV house? i think not).

so here goes, my 100 things i want to do in my lifetime:  

  1. travel to all 50 states
  2. have a beach house ON a body of water with a boat
  3. build my dream house
  4. learn to run
  5. drive cross-country in an RV
  6. get paid to work from home
  7. do a job that I love and am passionate about
  8. give birth to a boy and a girl
  9. win over $1,000 on a scratch ticket/lottery
  10. learn to braid my own hair
  11. go to a ball (fairytale in me)
  12. learn to French braid someone else’s hair
  13. learn to curl my hair
  14. write a letter everyday for a year (someone I know or want to know)
  15. learn to sew
  16. make my own clothes
  17. learn another language fluently (Spanish or Italian)
  18. Be on a game show (price is right?!?)
  19. photograph a wedding
  20. be a guest on a talk show (ELLEN!)
  21. photograph a birth
  22. breed dogs
  23. have a Gucci purse
  24. have a successful photography business
  25. have my own photography studio on the same land as my house
  26. be my ideal weight
  27. swim with dolphin’s
  28. have a pet skunk (de-skunked, obviously)
  29. have bunnies
  30. learn to whistle’
  31. get a massage once a month
  32. give hair to locks of love
  33. volunteer at a soup kitchen every holiday for a year
  34. wear sunscreen everyday
  35. learn all the words to Billy Joel’s we didn’t start the fire
  36. watch the entire Soprano’s series
  37. have a license plate with 2 letters
  38. buy a brand new car with 0 miles
  39. learn to go under water without holding my nose
  40. cook a thanksgiving dinner (all by myself)
  41. stay in a hut over the water in Fiji
  42. go to Italy
  43. go to Spain
  44. have a private Bon Jovi concert, just for me!
  45. have a booth at a craft show
  46. attend a blog conference (blissdom?!?)
  47. make my own baby food
  48. be a vegan
  49. leave a 100% tip for a deserving waitress
  50. learn to make a cake like cake boss
  51. take cooking classes
  52. be on a jury
  53. attend a Hollywood movie premier
  54. win a HGTV home
  55. have or plan a dinner party once a month
  56. have a walk-in closet displaying all my clothes and shoes
  57. make my own charity
  58. watch Scarface
  59. Stay in Martha’s Vineyard
  60. stay in Nantucket
  61. make a Nantucket Nectar’s cap fact
  62. go to fashion week
  63. watch The Godfather
  64. learn blog design
  65. design a blog for someone i don't know
  66. grow my nails and not bite them
  67. attend the summer Olympics
  68. attend the winter Olympics
  69. read a book in a day
  70. go to cosmetology school
  71. sit courtside for a basketball game
  72. meet the Kardashian sisters
  73. see all of my children get married
  74. meet Jake Gyllenhaal
  75. be debt free
  76. donate $10,000 to a good cause
  77. spend an entire summer in Cape Cod
  78. have a god child
  79. have a huge fish tank (like the one at Kelly’s Roast Beef in Natick)
  80. build a snow fort
  81. be an aunt
  82. get a complete makeover by Michael Kors
  83. be in two places at once
  84. be a foster parent
  85. own a restaurant
  86. see Mariah Carey in concert
  87. have lunch prepared for me by Gordon Ramsey
  88. read a newspaper from front to back
  89. buy something from an infomercial
  90. spend an entire day at a spa, get every treatment available
  91. be a grandmother
  92. visit a rain forest
  93. do my family history
  94. be happily married
  95. see lots of animals on an African safari
  96. have an assistant
  97. ski down a double black-diamond
  98. be alive to witness world peace
  99. make a difference


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

GREAT list girly! I totally agree with so many of these! although, you are one of the only people i know who wants to get picked for a jury, lol!

xoxo, ashley

Auntie Sue said...

So what's with crossing #66 off?