Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday’s Ten | Crafty BLOGS

ahh, sorry i am late guys! don yelled at me last night because i was being a bag blogger and not being consistent. i truly apologize, and will not let it happen again, i want faithful followers. don't worry though, i will make it up to you. i have a good series coming soon!

enough of that. here we go.

Thursday’s Ten Favorite Crafty BLOGS!


this was kind of hard for me to narrow down to just 10, but i tried to think of ones i just LOVE. here goes:

1. my number one was a no-brainer for me. even though her blog is not necessarily ‘crafty’ i love kelle @ Enjoying the Small Things. if you have never heard of her, or been to her blog. go. now. she is amazing and inspiring. i would love to meet her someday.

2. this easily could have been my number one, but it is a very close second. miss ashley stock @ Little Miss Momma. she is so witty and fun. i love almost everything she makes and her son is to die for.

3. call me bias because she did an amazing job designing my blog, but i do lover her blog. krystal over at Sassy Sanctuary

4. next up, linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous. she makes awesome crafts. she really is great.

5. i love love love jamielyn over at I <3 Naptime. she is so cute and has great crafting ideas. i also really enjoy her friday favorites.

6. i could probably buy everything in her shop over at The Pleated Poppy. lindsey is great. she has superb sewing skills and makes wonderful items – all of which i love.

7. if you are a sewer, you must go visit ashley over at Make it & Love it. she has amazing tutorials and clever ideas on different sewing projects. once i learn to sew, there are many things on her blog i anticipate trying out.

8. i LOVE heather’s home transformation over at Simple Beautiful. my only complaint is i wish she would blog more! she is a home makeover queen and i love seeing all her before and afters.

9. speaking of before and afters,i love Better After. a blog dedicated to before and afters. who doesnt love that? gives you great ideas about things you may never have thought of until you saw it on the blog.

10. lastly would be a blog i recently found. who doesn't love organizing tips?!? i love jen over at I Heart Organizing, she motivates me to be a better organizer

i have lots of other blogs i love. some that are more fashion inspired and some that have just become to sponsor driven that they are losing their roots, which is sad. i hope you enjoyed this edition of Thursday’s Ten.


Krystal said...

Ahhh.... thanks for the shout-out! I'm flattered!

iheartorganizing said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out! Made my day, and I appreciate your support of iHeart!! :)


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Eeekk! Thanks for having me at #2!!!! You made my day!