Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday’s Ten Must Have Craft Supplies

Better late than never, but here is this week’s Thursday’s ten –

Must Have Craft Supplies.

1. Modge Podge. Obviously. Use it for anything & everything.

2. Paper Cutter/Trimmer. It will save you time and looks so much cleaner.

3. Assortment of scrapbooking papers ranging in various sizes and colors. Because you never know what project it may spruce up a bit.

4. Circle Cutter. I need to get one that cuts various sizes, but I do have one that is one size, and I love it and use it frequently. A multi-sized circle cutter would be so much easier.

5. Glue dots. LOVE these. It is basically a round circle of double sided tape, and it is clear. Great for use of various different things, not limited to crafting projects.

6. Glue Gun. Well well, I LOVE my glue gun. I probably use it for more things than I actually should, because I like the ‘act’ of using it, but it really is cool. & very strong. You can get a cheap one for $5.

7. Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. Even if you are not a sewer, having fabric around your craft room can never hurt. IT is great for covering various things, and can always be glues/stapled down ;]

8. Buttons/Embellishments. Buttons and different scrapbooking/sewing embellishments are a great touch to a wreath, card, or any c raft project, really.

9. Silhouette SD. I got this for my birthday in March and I still don’t even know how to use it, and I still love it. Even if you don’t print things on vinyl, or heat transfer paper, it is great for printing things on cardstock and regular paper. The amount of ‘clip art’ you can purchase is really endless. MUST GET ONE.

10. Pencils. The first time is not always done perfectly, so when you need to mark something, always use a pencil.

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