Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Festivities

So, like I said before, I forgot my camera this weekend a lot, and I was bummed. My best friend up and left me and moved to Delaware. Hopefully it wont be for long. Delaware is like the smallest state. or maybe RI is, I dunno, still both equally as boring.

caught him spying on me.

Annnyway, she was here for a day. A DAY. Seriously, who does that?!? So what better way to show my love for her than take her to a carnival and fireworks? It was fun, and I loved it, but I have no pictures. Super bummed. BUT, Don played this dart game and won me a stuffed animal. I wanted to play, but I also wanted to win, so I opted out and let him just win for me. Those carnies are crooks, $20 to win this stupid thing. I gave it to Emmy, but still, the thought that counts.

she really liked it. already broke it too, girl has a gift.

On Sunday I did some sewing (on a top secret project that I will inform you about next week) and we went to go see Transformers. Man those movies are loooong.  Still good though, I love that series. Shia cracks me up, but I have a silly sense of humor, cause Don doesn’t seem to think he is all that funny.

For the actual 4th we had a small BBQ and went to the fireworks just the two of us cause our plans fell through. It was still fun, very hott out. All in all, a low-key 4th, but still very nice. I wish we had just one more day off, but oh well. Soon enough I will be on vacaytion! Woo hoo!

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