Thursday, September 8, 2011

pinterest lovin’

So, I joined pinterest right about when everyone else did. At first, I didn't think all that much of it, until I realized how truly amazing it is. It is an online ‘bulletin board’ if you will and you can categorize different boards to your liking. It is so fun to find new decorating ideas, craft tips, photography inspiration and recipe tips (among others). If you are not on pinterest, e-mail me and I will invite you. If you already have it, follow me if you would like:

Here are some great Halloween ideas I have fallen in love with, thanks to pinterest:


I LOVE this idea. So easy. I may be doing this in October.


This is super cute. So easy and cheap. Very Creative.


Halloween subway art. Love it!

So go ahead and start pinning! I promise, you may not stop!

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jamie@eighteen25 said...

i LOVE pinterest!! thanks for linking/pinning the milk jugs... they were really easy and the kids had fun drawing the faces.