Friday, February 18, 2011

treat; cupcake bar

tonight we went to dinner in needham at a japanese hibachi restaurant called fuji. we have been there before and it is so good. after we decided to stop next door at this cupcake bar called treat. what a treat it was. you MAKE YOUR OWN cupcakes. i bet you wish you thought of this business. what a great idea. it was amazing and delicious and i couldnt even finish mine. 

you start by picking you cupcake flavor, we both picked funfetti. then the frosting. i got chocolate and don got vanilla. then you get three toppings ranging from m&m's to jimmies to oreo cookies. i got heath bar and jimmies (only wanted two) and don got jimmies, oreos & peanut butter cups. it was served in the cutest tray with a wooden fork and knife.

all in all, perfect date night out. highly recommend both, especially if you are trying to impress.