Monday, January 9, 2012

Personal Goals 2012


This is my ME year. I really want to focus on bettering myself so I can be a better person. I am thinking of making a nice framed goals list (both personal and house) and hanging them somewhere in the house so we can see them daily. Then I can just cross things off with a dry erase marker.


1. Healthier. This encompasses everything; mind, body & soul. Eat better. Work out. Drink more water. Get DRESSED. Wear makeup. Go to church. Moisturize.

2. Business. Get photography business up and running and promote myself. Go to at least two conferences this year, and aim for three clients a month.


3. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. More. I really enjoy blogging. Even though I have not posted in decades, doesn’t mean I don’t read all my favorite blogs daily and get my creative juices flowing. I really want to participate more in blogging link parties and sponsorships.

4. Craft. Crafts/sewing/knitting. Do at least one project a month. && BLOG about it. I have so many things I want to do, I just never set time to do it, so I am excited and eager to get going on things.

5. Be more present. Often when I get home from work, I am ‘tired’ and don’t feel like doing anything. I want to stop doing nothing and start doing something, anything. I really want to set a schedule and set time when I get home from work to craft, blog and organize. I am really hoping I stick to this.

6. Sleep less. Yes you heard me right. Take less naps. Wake up earlier on the weekends. I am not eliminating these things, I just want to be more present, healthier, do more crafts; and really that means sleeping less.


7. Be more thoughtful. SEND BIRTHDAY CARDS. ON TIME. Remember anniversaries. Help those who have helped you. Etcetera.

8. Save Money. This is a biggie. I really want to start saving money. & then we will be able to use it for the nest ‘rainy day.’


Friday, January 6, 2012

House Goals 2012

Last year, we did not do that great at our goals. See below.

Some things I really hoped we would have finished is the wall décor in the bedroom and get the fence for the yard so Emmy can roam free. Also, we can basically cross off the business because I am this close to having my photography business up and running along with website and blog, so I am super pumped about that.

I have more realistic and attainable goals for the house this year. I have already started because last night I tackled the bedroom closet. It is SO organized, and my hope is that we can keep it that way! We have tons of clothes to donate now, but I am looking for a more reputable place, I am thinking of a nearby shelter, but I have to do some investigating.

I am very eager to start on the living room renovation. I think it will really help to make it feel a bit homier. I really want a swivel chair. Wicked bad. Kind of ironic seeing that I am convinced the reason I have sleeping problems to date is due to the fact my mother rocked me as a child.

I love new years. The feeling of rejuvenation and motivation. I really, truly believe I can accomplish these house goals.  Hopefully this year proves true.