Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday’s Ten

week two of Thursday’s Ten. This week’s theme is:
Thursday’s Ten Favorite TV Shows.
this one is pretty easy for me, considering i have, on average, 36 hours of shows DVR’d a week. i will put them in order of shows i cannot live without.
  1. Teen Mom (1&2)/16 & Pregnant: these shows coincide with each other. probably my top favorite as of right now. i love me some teen mom drama.
  2. General Hospital: go ahead, laugh all you want. i am a soap opera junkie. i have watched this show for years, ever since my mother used to watch it. never gets old. Jason Morgan. enough said.
  3. Sons of Anarchy: i was hooked after the 1st episode. a motorcycle gang. come on?!? team opie.
  4. The Biggest Loser: this is my first season watching it and i am addicted. i love it.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy: faithful watcher since the beginning. i still miss Izzy.
  6. Project Runway: love the gay fashion drama. they are so comical and the stuff they come up with is pretty amazing. i wish i could sew like them.
  7. Real Housewives of OC: i watched the original season from the beginning and never caught on to the other cities. i hate that they switch people around, but still love the show. the money they have is insane.
  8. 90210: not half as good as the original, but i still watch.
  9. Kardashian shows/Khloe & Lamar: i LOVE the kardashian family. Kourtney is my favorite, but i will watch any and all spin-off they make.
  10. United States of Tara: multiple personality disorders. hy-sterical. if you have ShowTime, i suggest checking it out.
there ya have it. i clearly am 50% reality TV junkie. but if you knew ALL my favorite shows, you would think i am closer to 75%. LINK UP, what are your Ten Favorite TV Shows?!?