Monday, April 4, 2011

PPAM conference


so two weeks ago i went to the professional photographers association of Massachusetts annual conference. this was my first time (i am not a member), and i really wanted to soak up as much knowledge as possible. there were some really informative speakers and i learned so much.

i have only been to Plymouth, MA on a field trip in elementary school. i don't remember it much, but we stayed right on the water and it was beautiful. even though it wasn't that nice out, the ocean still looked amazing.




we also saw plymouth rock. you know, the one the pilgrims landed on. according to wikipedia, this is the most visited rock in New England. && it is FREEE to see. crazy, huh? if you don’t live around here, you are not missing much. it is just a big rock that is gated off. it is also shrinking. apparently it used to be much bigger.


anyway, not as cool as i thought it would be (the rock, not Plymouth).

oh well, it was still a very nice mini one night vacation an hour from home.