Friday, January 6, 2012

House Goals 2012

Last year, we did not do that great at our goals. See below.

Some things I really hoped we would have finished is the wall d├ęcor in the bedroom and get the fence for the yard so Emmy can roam free. Also, we can basically cross off the business because I am this close to having my photography business up and running along with website and blog, so I am super pumped about that.

I have more realistic and attainable goals for the house this year. I have already started because last night I tackled the bedroom closet. It is SO organized, and my hope is that we can keep it that way! We have tons of clothes to donate now, but I am looking for a more reputable place, I am thinking of a nearby shelter, but I have to do some investigating.

I am very eager to start on the living room renovation. I think it will really help to make it feel a bit homier. I really want a swivel chair. Wicked bad. Kind of ironic seeing that I am convinced the reason I have sleeping problems to date is due to the fact my mother rocked me as a child.

I love new years. The feeling of rejuvenation and motivation. I really, truly believe I can accomplish these house goals.  Hopefully this year proves true.