Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HOUSE TOUR > Bathroom

carrying on with the tour of the house. i am not going in any particular order, just whatever room seems to be clean at the time. 

we only have one bathroom, and it was a nightmare to begin with (we we got the house in September 2009.) i really wish i had before pictures, but we basically gutted the entire bathroom and started from scratch. we love the final product, and probably wouldn't change a thing.


we decided to forgo a tub, because the bathroom is so small and the amount of time we will actually use it as a bathtub is slim to never. i like just having the lip, it is easier to clean and looks better. plus my little emmy baby walks right into the shower when she pleases, so cute!

after seeing the pictures i think we need some wall decor. hmm, i will have to think about what to do, thoughts?

Vanity & Mirror - Home Depot

tile – Home Depot

Shower Curtain – Home Goods

Rug - Costco