Monday, April 25, 2011

i heart faces | pets

i am entering my first i heart faces photo challenge and this week’s theme is PETS. how fitting, because my Emmy, is my little baby. I have a gazillion pictures of her, it was hard to pick just one. I went with this one, because i just love the coloring and the angle. I adore her and think she is the cutest thing ever. How can you not love that face?!?

Linking up to i heart faces for, what i hope is, the first of many.

ps. for all you dog lovers out there, the PUPPY CAM IS BACK!! so excited. this is the last litter. i plan on watching this all day everyday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

man office

do a happy dance! don’s office is officially complete! now that my craft room is almost done, his office is spic-n-span clean and super organized. good thing he handles all of the bills, because my desk is a nightmare. within the next couple of weeks my ‘office’ will be done and I cant wait to show you guys the big reveal. it looks so great so far.

but for now, here is his. he loves it.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

‘I spy: around the home

today I am linking up to Little Miss Momma for I spy: around the home. I really like this ‘I spy’ theme, it gives readers a glimpse into your life and let people know more about you.

I spy a lonely hole in the wall, which we just bought the stuff to fix it today.

I spy one happy puppy, chewing her bone

I spy one messy bed.

I spy pretty new curtains. (more to come on that later)

I spy a crafting project almost finished.

more I spy linking next week. happy Easter!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday’s Ten

week two of Thursday’s Ten. This week’s theme is:
Thursday’s Ten Favorite TV Shows.
this one is pretty easy for me, considering i have, on average, 36 hours of shows DVR’d a week. i will put them in order of shows i cannot live without.
  1. Teen Mom (1&2)/16 & Pregnant: these shows coincide with each other. probably my top favorite as of right now. i love me some teen mom drama.
  2. General Hospital: go ahead, laugh all you want. i am a soap opera junkie. i have watched this show for years, ever since my mother used to watch it. never gets old. Jason Morgan. enough said.
  3. Sons of Anarchy: i was hooked after the 1st episode. a motorcycle gang. come on?!? team opie.
  4. The Biggest Loser: this is my first season watching it and i am addicted. i love it.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy: faithful watcher since the beginning. i still miss Izzy.
  6. Project Runway: love the gay fashion drama. they are so comical and the stuff they come up with is pretty amazing. i wish i could sew like them.
  7. Real Housewives of OC: i watched the original season from the beginning and never caught on to the other cities. i hate that they switch people around, but still love the show. the money they have is insane.
  8. 90210: not half as good as the original, but i still watch.
  9. Kardashian shows/Khloe & Lamar: i LOVE the kardashian family. Kourtney is my favorite, but i will watch any and all spin-off they make.
  10. United States of Tara: multiple personality disorders. hy-sterical. if you have ShowTime, i suggest checking it out.
there ya have it. i clearly am 50% reality TV junkie. but if you knew ALL my favorite shows, you would think i am closer to 75%. LINK UP, what are your Ten Favorite TV Shows?!?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HELLLPP! silhouette 101


as many of you know, i got the silhouette for my birthday at the end of march. i just opened it this weekend because i didn't really have space to use it anywhere until now. i was so excited and eager to start labeling everything in our house with vinyl lettering. every blog i read and every tutorial i looked up said how EASY the silhouette is to operate. well, i disagree. i cannot figure it out. i don't know why it came with instructions about the size of directions to put an ikea lamp together. where is the MANUAL?!? what speed and thickness do i use for various projects?!? after many hours of playing around with it, and wasted vinyl i gave up for a bit.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! there is so much i want to do with it! thanks!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's ten

i got this idea from craft couture to do top ten favorites. hopefully i will be doing this on a weekly basis with a different favorite, and you can share yours as well.

this week is:

Thursday's ten favorite shops!


  1. Target: who doesn’t love this store? you can get everything you need there, for a decent price!
  2. AC Moore: love it. i go here on a weekly basis, and they are cheaper than Michaels. plus all the coupons!
  3. H&M: right now this is my favorite place to buy clothes. it is so unique and fun.
  4. Jo Ann Fabrics: since i don’t have a hobby lobby near me, this is where i usually go to get anything fabric related.
  5. ETSY: really awesome finds and great craftsmanship. i will show you an awesome find i got on etsy recently. coming soon!!
  6. VS: where i buy all of my ‘lounge’ clothes. love it.
  7. Forever 21: I'm getting a little too ‘old’ for this store, but they have wicked awesome accessories.
  8. BJ’s: am i officially an adult that BJ’s is on my favorite stores list? i think it is better than Costco, personally.
  9. Hobby Lobby: this would probably be my no.1 if i had a store near me, but i love online shopping from here.
  10. Lowe’s: well, i would have said Home Depot because it is a 5 min drive from our house, but i think Cheryl would have killed me. really though, Lowe's is cheaper. we are always doing random house project, so wherever we get the better deal, count us in!

there ya have it, folks. my top ten favorite stores. after reviewing them, a lot of them are my favorite because its closer comparison (i.e Costco vs. BJ’s)  is more expensive. what can i say, i love a bargain? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

engagement session

about a week ago, i did my first engagement session. they were such a cute couple and a breeze to photograph. every picture was great! i am slowly realizing that i love photography sessions much more than i enjoy editing. it is so time consuming, and i just prefer the client interaction and personal experience you get from it, whereas editing is just sitting in front of a computer for hours.

let me know what you think, and check out my photography facebook page:







fototale designs

hey guys! so i just have to tell you about this wicked cool template company (for photography). it is called FotoTale Designs. they are not my sponsor, and i personally have never bought anything from them (because i just found out about them yesterday) but they have amazing templates and offer FREEBIES on their FB. hear that, FREE! how awesome.

highly suggest checking them out!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

craft room update!

two days ago we bought a sleep sofa off craigslist. it was $70 in decent condition, and were pretty excited about it. after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to put the seats down in don’s car, we managed to fit the sofa in and be on our merry way. we should have known then and there, this was a disaster in the making.
we drove home (about 2 miles) with the back open because it wouldn't close with the couch. don sat in the back, trying to hold it closed, and ensuring that we don't lose a cushion or two on the way.
after finally making it home and into the house, we tried to get it in the spare bedroom/craft room. it wouldn't fit. wouldn't. fit. shoot. we then got stuck at the end of the hallway because the bed fell out of the couch when we tried to move it in the room. don got it back in and in doing so, put a hole in the wall and chipped the paint in various places.
the couch is now standing in our living room. lucky us. we are now realizing that a sleep sofa is not going to work for that room. we are now re-grouping and thinking of other ideas. we are also thinking of donating the couch to the salvation army and just getting the tax write off for next year.
anyway. . i started painting the baseboard last night. we picked out the behr premium plus ultra’s great falls. i think it is going to look wicked pretty. pictures to come soon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

PPAM conference


so two weeks ago i went to the professional photographers association of Massachusetts annual conference. this was my first time (i am not a member), and i really wanted to soak up as much knowledge as possible. there were some really informative speakers and i learned so much.

i have only been to Plymouth, MA on a field trip in elementary school. i don't remember it much, but we stayed right on the water and it was beautiful. even though it wasn't that nice out, the ocean still looked amazing.




we also saw plymouth rock. you know, the one the pilgrims landed on. according to wikipedia, this is the most visited rock in New England. && it is FREEE to see. crazy, huh? if you don’t live around here, you are not missing much. it is just a big rock that is gated off. it is also shrinking. apparently it used to be much bigger.


anyway, not as cool as i thought it would be (the rock, not Plymouth).

oh well, it was still a very nice mini one night vacation an hour from home.

Friday, April 1, 2011

craft-room color

i knew i wanted to lighten up the room, but i had no idea a color scheme. so, i went to home depot and took a swatch of every color i liked. i narrowed it down to about 5, and then asked everyone i came in contact with which one they liked better. this then got narrowed down to two.

the one i loved the most, was way too light. almost white-ish. it is called fresh day by behr.


so, we went with the second choice. i think it is more on the lavender side, which i like, but i really cannot tell anymore if it is going to turn out more purple or more blue. we ended up with behr premium plus ultra (interior; paint and primer in one) polar drift. i really like it, it is coming out really nice on the wall.


we also ordered a filing/cabinet system thing from target. it wasn't supposed to arrive until 4/6, but to my surprise, it is being delivered today. so i am very happy about that. it is called the hollis open file, we got it from target for $60.


hopefully after this weekend, the room will be fully painted and have a sofa bed (if we find one). i can only hope.