Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's ten

i got this idea from craft couture to do top ten favorites. hopefully i will be doing this on a weekly basis with a different favorite, and you can share yours as well.

this week is:

Thursday's ten favorite shops!


  1. Target: who doesn’t love this store? you can get everything you need there, for a decent price!
  2. AC Moore: love it. i go here on a weekly basis, and they are cheaper than Michaels. plus all the coupons!
  3. H&M: right now this is my favorite place to buy clothes. it is so unique and fun.
  4. Jo Ann Fabrics: since i don’t have a hobby lobby near me, this is where i usually go to get anything fabric related.
  5. ETSY: really awesome finds and great craftsmanship. i will show you an awesome find i got on etsy recently. coming soon!!
  6. VS: where i buy all of my ‘lounge’ clothes. love it.
  7. Forever 21: I'm getting a little too ‘old’ for this store, but they have wicked awesome accessories.
  8. BJ’s: am i officially an adult that BJ’s is on my favorite stores list? i think it is better than Costco, personally.
  9. Hobby Lobby: this would probably be my no.1 if i had a store near me, but i love online shopping from here.
  10. Lowe’s: well, i would have said Home Depot because it is a 5 min drive from our house, but i think Cheryl would have killed me. really though, Lowe's is cheaper. we are always doing random house project, so wherever we get the better deal, count us in!

there ya have it, folks. my top ten favorite stores. after reviewing them, a lot of them are my favorite because its closer comparison (i.e Costco vs. BJ’s)  is more expensive. what can i say, i love a bargain?