Tuesday, February 22, 2011

QUICK CRAFT; covering a mouse pad

                            how ugly is my glue gun? looks like it is from the 70's, yet i just bought it. 

so tonight i attempted (key word) to cover an old mouse pad we had lying around the house. it was my first time, and i dont like how it came out, but i know how to make it better.

any mouse pad will do, you can get one at the dollar store. i started by covering the mouse pad, allowing approximately 1/2 an inch to hang over each side (to fold over). 

then i used spray adhesive craft glue and sprayed the front of the mouse pad completely. i flipped the mouse pad on top of the fabric, trying not to get any bubbles in the process.
                                                                                    hard to tell in this picture, but the mouse pad is upside down on the fabric

then i started folding over the edges. i started by doing the long parts first (NOTE: next time start at corners, so it gets completely rounded). 

i put a strip of glue from my glue gun and lightly adhered the left over fabric, pulling it slightly so there is no slack. i continued doing this all away around until i got a slightly better looking mouse pad, but not perfect. hopefully you can do better!

                                         notice the corners!?!?