Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gift Exchange

Remember when I mentioned I was going to be participating in the handmade gift exchange?!? Well, I did. It was fun. More stressful, but still fun. It took me three tries, but I finally made this cute zippered pouch for my partner Tracy. I really hope she liked it.

After talking back and fourth with her and getting to know her a bit (sweetheart, I might add), she mentioned that she still has not been able to tackle zippers, so I decided I wanted to make her something using a zipper. Since I am a newby-sewer, this wasn't a walk in the park for me either. The first one, I didn't like. I had no particular reason why, I just didn't like it. Then the second one, as you may remember did NOT line up properly and was not working. I was very bummed, because I really liked those fabrics. I finally got it together for the third and final one, and was very pleased with the product. I put a lot of time and hard-work into this, and it may not be as big/fancy as what she gave me, but I do really hope she still likes it. (I will do better next year future partner, I swear).


In exchange, Tracy made me this wonderful coupon binder! Seriously, how cool is it? She knew I was into couponing, by reading my blog and decided to make me a binder fully equipped with front pockets to store pens and excess stuff. I just LOVE it. Thank you so much Tracy!


&& Thank you Linda for holding this exchange and helping fellow bloggers get to branch out of their comfort zone and meet other people!