Thursday, March 31, 2011

craft-room renovation has begun!

so i was going to wait until it was moderately finished to let you in on the craft-room renovations, but i just cannot keep a secret that long. we are converting the spare bedroom to a craft-room/spare bedroom. i will start by telling you the evolution of this ever-changing room.

first, it was an office, but very bare (we had just moved in).

office 2 office 1

then we ‘upgraded’ a little. i got a desk (well 2 desks to make one big desk) so i could have a computer area and a crafting area, and don had his own desk on the other side of the room. this worked out for a little but, but then decided we should SWAP the office and spare bedrooms.

 office 3 office 4 office 5

so then we put the spare bed (my old full-size bed, which takes up almost all of the room i might add) and don’s old desk in the blue room. this, we decided, will be the new spare bedroom, and we will share the two desks in the new office. this worked out fine, because i primarily use my laptop on the couch.

office 6 office 7 office 8

so the picture above is how the room currently looks (well, it has a lot of crap everywhere, but the layout is accurate). yes, all of my family lives out of state, but if you figure out the length of time we actually use a guest room in comparison to the days of a year, it is not worth it to us. it is really a waste of a room. i decided i wanted the blue room to be my craft room (primarily) and we will get a sleep sofa (queen size) and put the old bed in the basement.

so, we have started painting. i am very excited to see how this turns out. we have until april 29th to get the sofa bed and the room semi-organized, because that is when my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit.

updates to come soon, as we are going to (hopefully) buy the sofa this weekend! stay tuned!!