Friday, April 1, 2011

craft-room color

i knew i wanted to lighten up the room, but i had no idea a color scheme. so, i went to home depot and took a swatch of every color i liked. i narrowed it down to about 5, and then asked everyone i came in contact with which one they liked better. this then got narrowed down to two.

the one i loved the most, was way too light. almost white-ish. it is called fresh day by behr.


so, we went with the second choice. i think it is more on the lavender side, which i like, but i really cannot tell anymore if it is going to turn out more purple or more blue. we ended up with behr premium plus ultra (interior; paint and primer in one) polar drift. i really like it, it is coming out really nice on the wall.


we also ordered a filing/cabinet system thing from target. it wasn't supposed to arrive until 4/6, but to my surprise, it is being delivered today. so i am very happy about that. it is called the hollis open file, we got it from target for $60.


hopefully after this weekend, the room will be fully painted and have a sofa bed (if we find one). i can only hope.

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