Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2012 Movie Lineup

I would consider myself a movie buff. I enjoy seeing a variety of movies, and am a horrible critic as I like 90% of the ones I do see. We go to the movies a good amount and usually rent a movie a week. I had to touch on all the good movies coming out next year.

I mean really?!? I am dying to see this.


It looks so good. & Rachel McAdams is only one of my favorite actors! Here are the rest of my front-runners for the 2012 year. Comedy seems to be most prevalent this year. Get excited!!

January: Contraband with Marky Mark. Yes please. One For The Money. What can I say? I really like Katherine Heigl.

February: Safe House sounds good, but I can’t find a trailer for it.

March: 21 Jump Street.

April: American Reunion. I have seen all of the American Pie movies, why stop now? The Lucky One. Nicholas Sparks book. Enough said.

May: What to Expect When You're Expecting. Looks funny.

June: I Hate You, Dad. I love Adam Sandler. I have very simplistic humor.

July: The Dark Knight Rises. I really wish Heath Ledger was still alive. Probably would have made the movie twice as good, but still a must see. Neighborhood Watch. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Should be good.

August: Rivals. With ALAN.

October: Ides of March. Ryan Gosling. I usually wouldn’t like a presidential movie, but this has a great cast and looks really good.

November: Jack & Jill. Another funny one.

December: This is Forty. A spinoff of Knocked Up.


Cole said...

I'm your newest follower from Follower Fest. :-)

I'm a big movie buff too. I can't wait for The Vow to come out.

stefanie.ann said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, hope you like it! I know, I CANNOT wait! The Vow comes out in Feb!